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chand_06 - Burrp User


January 08,2016

Good food

I like the food and all other things like pricing , service
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kumarajan - Burrp User


December 27,2015

best barbeque ....

I went there last week with friends. was awesome ....I would love to go there again. ...
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Aravind Yk - Burrp User

Aravind Yk

December 11,2015

Best Barbeque

Bit expensive but worth paying has the food and service both r really amazing and its 1 of the best place to celebrate with friends and family
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vaishbhambri - Burrp User


September 30,2014

Yummy Starters!

Undoubtedly the best food you can eat in Bangalore both veg and non-veg. I know that most of the non-veg eaters just love this for the kababs. But I being a veggie say that this is one awesome place to visit for the variety of veg-starters and the veg items served on the buffet spread.

And right from the start you know that the waiters are so very careful to make you feel comfortable and seat you. After waiting, the table was ready.

Then comes the barrage of veg starters including the one on the barbecue where the barbecue-grill is placed with goals. And then the items that go on that includes - Mushrooms, Cut fruits, Corn+Capsicum, Gobi. Apart from that the other starters include - Potato-Curd starter, Veg kabab, Panner, Pineapple-Panner bonda :), Dry corn salad. Well, may be I have missed a few. But let me tell you they won't stop until you say that you are really satisfied and the FLAG to take off the barbecue :)

Must visit place guys.

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amhnty05 - Burrp User


January 01,2014

Horrible and pathetic experience

Reception at Barbeque Nation Kormangala branch on Jan 1st 2014 was pathetic, A horrible experience only worsened by the guy who received my call. He kept me on hold for long and disconnect the call without any info. The same was repeated three times . Never expected this kind of treatment from barbecue nation at least. Lets see what happens at Indiranagar.
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Namrata  Baliga - Burrp User

Namrata Baliga

July 18,2013

Go Here For The Starters

This review comes really very late. I don't even remember when I was here last. But lets talk about the food. The place is bustling with energy. Happy people everywhere. Some celebrating, some just out to have fun. We, a group of around 15 were there because we love food. They managed to accommodate us- big groups welcomed. Starting with the starters: WOW!! I am short of words for it. And good news for vegetarians- veg starters are amazing and better than most of the non veg starters. I find that to be a rare thing. The best of the starters were the Cajun potatoes. Crispy and creamy. Also the mushrooms, the corn and in non-veg the only notable one were the prawns.The fish was a little plain for my taste-i prefer it spicy and tangy. You can go ahead and fill your stomach with the starters alone, and you won't have any regrets.Choose the side drink wisely- not everything that looks pretty tastes good- but again that is an individual's taste.The buffet spread was not very impressive- just like any normal spread.Well its been a long time- i m talking around 3 years, if i still remember the taste of some things(that i mentioned above) then i guess the next time i will surely have them to my heart and stomach's content.
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vishooj - Burrp User


January 30,2013

Awesome Place for Starters

I loved the Starters out there specially the cottage Cheese and there was some Potato Stuff. I took a Lichi mocktail but it was not up to the mark so they exchanged it without any prob. The main course is not all that great but not that bad either. Its average. The dessert is having good number of items and it tastes good too.
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Shrijit Nair - Burrp User

Shrijit Nair

January 06,2013

Excellent place for Kebabs and Barbeques

Have been here around 6 times and loved the food, especially the starters every single time. They have a good variety of Barbeques in Non-Veg. I love the Cajun Spicy potatoes , Tangri Kebabs and chicken barbeques. There are not many choices in the main course, but by the time you go for the main course, you will be done with 75% of your lunch because of the tasty barbeques. They have limited the Desserts options these days, still a wonderful experience.
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Pradeep R - Burrp User

Pradeep R

November 12,2012

Expensive ... yet it doesnt feel so. Dont miss!!!

I am 100% sure my reviews or any ones else's review is not required here. This is one place that a NON VEG LOVER will have no complaint about. (Veggies have option, but not sure how worthwhile they are I could never reach them).

Raise the flag and I started along with my wife on a berbeque eating race. The starters are soo damn good that you need to eat to believed. The half cooked starters are fully cooked on the table top barbeque; do not worry if you are not so sure how to barbeque, you will grow up to it. With some proper choices of the sauces to brush over the burning starters you can get the best barbeque made for yourself.

I personally loved the Sear Fish and the Prawns. But everything even the fruits were tasty. Once the flag was down, we did taste bit of all the other things like the Biryani and the desserts. Every thing was fabulous.

Have to mention that the service is also EXCELLENT. The food wonderful and the ambiance is good. They do this dance for you if you let them know for special occasions (Bday and anniversaries) that though a surprise may be nice to watch.

Expensive .. Yes very much. But then good things comes at a higher price.
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Raison D'souza - Burrp User

Raison D'souza

November 11,2012

Hog the Starters

As usual, its a great place. Love the concept of garnishing the food in grills kept on your table. BBQ Nation is a well established restaurant chain. So I can't be having any complaints about them. But people keep saying BBQ Nation is value for money. Most of them can't eat even a quarter of what they paid for! Thats the brilliant part about it, the high margins they make even after satisfying you.
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