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Rohan Agarwal - Burrp User

Rohan Agarwal

September 08,2015


Have been to rude malad umpteen no of its close to my place...but off lately the music is getting very mediocre here...the same dj- dj bhavin has been playing from the day of malad rudes's inception n now his music is litreallly a mere shadow of what he used to play..the dj actually sucks now ( my observation from past 2-3 of my visits)....stewards here have been very friendly from the start but the new management which has introduce bouncers and a head manager are very rude...during out last visit we were a big grp of 15ppl..we were continously asked to sit on our chairs whereas other table which had 25 ppl were dancing n having a good time at their place itself...we were nt there for a formal dinner...its a god damn pub/ lounge where ppl stand drink chat shake a leg roam n especially when there are 15ppl u jst can sit at a plave n talk to jst 2-3 ppl who r near you..u have to stang n go to talk to other ppl when the bad music is played at the highest decible...we were incessantly asked to sit every 15mins n later a bouncer came which was althe more annoying paid our bill which was more than half a lakh n left....a big thumbs down for discrimination among their customers n that to a loyal customer who fruently visit your place...
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 05,2015

Definitely not a rude deal

This place is popular amongst youngsters and is always crowded being located on busy link road. Hence, please book your tables in advance.
The food is yumilicious and the menu has variety of options to choose from. Try bhatti ke kabab or paneer in one of the sauces. Pizzas are crispy and tasty. Crispy Potato wedges with nice side sauce are must have.
As soon as you enter they have posters of happy hours, the timings as well as drinks wise on different days.
The interior section is cozy and the walls full of posters adds a very positive vibes to the place.
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SHayan Ghosh - Burrp User

SHayan Ghosh

February 28,2015

Place Of candlelight Dinner.

This is one of the place where you can do candlelight dinner. Music and vibe creates a very good experience and also DJ music is available. They serve different types of cocktails which are really very good. Dal pala and dal makhani and dal fry are delicious. I also love their chicken dishes, Chicken tikka masala is my favourite dish among those.
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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

February 28,2015

Punjabi Music in Mumbai!

Loved the ambiance of the place, it has got a large open section as well. Rude plays good music, definitely the hottest numbers in town and serves good snacks as well. We went with the sizzlers and some finger food. The fish sizzler was good, yummy and very fresh! It would be great if they had a dedicated place for dancing as well!
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

January 02,2015

Nice Big rooftop bundle of noise....

Visited this lounge last week for the first time . Its a huge huge place right at the top of the building with a nice rooftop section which is open. The music and vibe of the place is very nice and the DJ plays some excellent music. The only problem with the joint is that its just too dark and i think they have got themselves confused between a discotheque and a lounge. Also the food is a let down with very ordinary indian and very lame mocktails. The food is very pop tate types and lower than quality from pop tates.However if you are for the music and some nice beers and drinks this is the place.
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burrpakshay - Burrp User


January 03,2014

Romantic Place

What I loved is the rooftop area, its one of the best places to hangout with friends. Recently came across this amazing place nearby my locality. A lovely place to visit for a delicious meal, good music and some drinks. Nice Quality and Quantity of food.Overall the food was really good.Lastly !!! Rude Lounge isn't RUDE.
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shobhashenoy51 - Burrp User


August 12,2013

Good place

We visited Rude Lounge couple of months ago. The decor was very nice. The open terrace looked very inviting . There were many tables available - probably because the place is pretty large and it was a weekday. We were a group of eight people. The focus was mainly on having some drinks and coctails. I liked the coctail that I had- called Tropical breeze. the wine list is pretty extensive . Food was good too, especailly liked the chicken paprika. There was a platter of chicken starters- cant remember the name ,but it was very tasty. All in all had a good experience . Will definitely go again .
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Bhakti Makhija - Burrp User

Bhakti Makhija

August 08,2013

Once again, the best lounge

Went there recently and with every visit i figure that these guys keep improving. One cannot get bored of this place easily. Love their rooftop area. Not good during rains but if you dont mind some water splashing on you then definitely go ahead. Love their chicken tikka and chicken tandoori. Sheekh kabab is a must try. Their Italian is really nice, try their lasagna and pasta. They have amazing offers on daily basis. Try their chicken sizzlers. The pricing is average , a little expensive. But its worth the food.
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Bhakti Makhija - Burrp User

Bhakti Makhija

June 01,2013


A lovely place to visit for a sumptuous meal and good music. The best place to visit in the suburbs. The prices are average. The food is delicious and worth spending for. The sizzlers are amazing. There is a rooftop seating where you can enjoy the weather and music. This place has a lot of offers all around the year. The service is a little slow but the music keeps it going. An amazing ambiance. There is valet parking so makes it easy for vehicle owners. The timings are good for late night food hunters.
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Pratik Biyani - Burrp User

Pratik Biyani

September 17,2012

Spoils your Bad Mood is True!

I have been to this place a few times now.Really huge place and unlike other branches, it is all on one floor, which is awesome. Really good music. Go on a Saturday and u just wanna get up and keep dancing. On Saturdays, the music is so awesome and everyone is in a mood. The DJ is superb. Everyone dances and its a huge party. Having frequented on many Saturdays, I see the same people here on Saturdays, meaning this is the place to be on a Saturday. The waiters remember your regular orders, which is a happy surprise. Once, he looked at this girl friend of mine and asked her "Straight up Tequila, ma'am?" That was so funny and awesome. Food is good, can't complain. Drinks are awesome. Cocktails are great. Not really expensive either. Every day there is some offer or discount or something. Saturdays are free flaming shots! One complaint would be the music before 9pm. They say loud poppy music only after 9 and so they play slow songs before that. Will be going here for years to come! PS: I feel the reviews below me are from rivals. How can any bar be full at 5.30pm. Nonsense. Grow up and get a grip!
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bhavna amlani - Burrp User

bhavna amlani

May 31,2012

pathetic hospitality...

we had been there for friends party, booked the table for 5.30pm and it was mistaken from their end at 7.30pm.. it was really messed up. and music was very very very bad.. open roof dance floor in this very hot summer. we requested them to allow us to have privately arrange for the vacant area to be used by our group but they did not listen to us and strongly refused us at any cost...
PLEASE dont go went ur in a group..
food was ok.. not rthat great.
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