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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 28,2015

Gujju's paradise.

This place is Gujju's paradise. It serves a great variety of food which includes North Indian, South Indian dishes. A sacrifice on flavour will never happen here...It's too crowded during peak lunch hours.Their Reshmi Paratha is must try and most delicious and the white chutney they offer is something that you will refill again and again. Mixed Kebab Platter deserves a special mention. Cheese masala dosa was amazingly made. Too yum. Quality and quantity both are upto expectations. Decent ambience. Value for money.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

March 31,2015

Great variety of eggless deserts !!!

Status restaurant at nariman point is pure vegetarian restaurant. Status being at perfect location and because of vegetarian food it is always full. Here we get punjabi food, Thali and fast food like dosa, Idli, pizza etc. food taste is good .prices are reasonable and service is also good. Near by all commercial buildings are there so it is very comfortable for office crowd to have some food fast.
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January 31,2015

Eat as much you like..!!

A nice vegetarian restaurant. For the price you pay this was value for money. You have to wait 30 to 40 minutes on Sunday evening. The system was efficient and service was really good. A veg restaurant that is mainly frequented by office goers as it is situated in the prime commercial hub of south Mumbai. Popular for its Thalis and quick service, it is very crowded between 1-3 pm. Gujurati thali is very delicious. Price is economical. I tried punjabi food is awesome as well.

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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 31,2014

Family time & lunch gallore...

This place is known for it delightful lunch service.

Based in the main commercial area of nariman point it has to be one of the best and quickest food joints for any office goer.

They serve full fledge gujarati thalis as well as a la carte. Some of their delicacies are simply amazing.

Have gone there for lunch many times - their perfect crunchy chat is aloo papdi chat and the samosa chat.

Cheese balls in chilli garlic sauce is one of their hot favourites.

Have tried their paneer mushroom masala & kaju malai mutter with the black dal which not as great as Copper Chimney, but not bad either. All the dishes are absolutely filled with flavour & rich in taste.

A big thumbs up from a crazy food lover. You must also try their buttermilk which is amazingly refreshing.
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Ranjeet R Iyer - Burrp User

Ranjeet R Iyer

May 14,2014

Name suggests

Being close to my workplace, I'm a regular visitor. The crowd outside defines its class and specialty. The Handi Biryani is famous but it's too much for a single person to completely hog in. The only issue is too much of crowd which is not managed properly and at times gets very worse. Staff are bit rude at times when crowd gets more- Natural!
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Vampire45 - Burrp User


April 23,2014

All Cuisine in Gujju Style

It quite a favourite amongst old-time Mumbaikars and since it's an ONLY VEG restaurant, its patronized by Gujju's / Marwadi etc... Especially made in pure ghee,it gives a good taste to your food as well as it makes sure that you left your plate empty..Someone who wants to sleep after having food then this seems to be the best option... Royal service..... 'Multiple options in al-a-carte' too. Properly customize according to customer preference and taste.. Left satisfied
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chheda_chirag - Burrp User


March 19,2014

Completely satisfied :D

Had kept a surprise dinner party for my Mom's 50th birthday here. We were a total of 28 people and the management was completely co-operative and their service up to the mark. Had to reach there pretty early in order to get the table for 30 people but in the end we were able to get all the tables next to each other. The attendants did their job very well. They forgot to bring one dish which we had asked for and as soon as they realized this they apologized and bought it rapidly. Inspite of attending so many people(It was Holi, so a holiday) they never let it affect the quality of the food even a bit. The final bill was also within the tab we had planned to spend on this. In short it was an amazing experience here. They even played the Birthday song for mum. Yay!!
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digant desai - Burrp User

digant desai

January 03,2014

Family ke sath hi jaana !!!!

An amazing place to be out with family for dinner. A little expensive but quality food. The items that are a must try are paneer chilly and all other starers. The place serves good South Indian food as well. However there is just one problem. There is a long waiting line so it would be advisable to go early. The ambiance is nice. Do not worry before going to this place because it is definitely a good place to eat !
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sameer  - Burrp User


December 01,2013

complete family fun and food

its one of the finest reataurants of the SOBO best in its class service ,food, ambience,its just mind blowing i like this place very much as its good to be here everytime i visit with friends or family ...the quality and variety of food STATUS has its just fantastic my favourite here is the corn tikki and also the masala khichiu nice Gujrati Indian food .....and also not to forget the south Indian food which you get outside is also amazing especially the upma and mysore dosa chatni sambhar is also the best ,,,,....My most favourite
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Ritesh Jain - Burrp User

Ritesh Jain

November 27,2013

Tasty Food = High Prices = Quality Assurances

It has become a sort of a family restaurant for has a party hall also ... the food is really amazing but highly priced...there's always a waiting to have your dinner or lunch...approximately 45 mins which can be extended to even and hour or more....there is a fast food section where they serve you with yummy south Indian menu and sandwiches....they serve you with quality food...garlic bread or corn on toast is which the restaurant can boast of...their south Indian cuisine is great and tantalizing the taste is authentic....they even serve thalis which is also good,...
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Savtel - Burrp User


October 31,2013

Favourite Veg Restaurant

This is a restaurant which i have been visiting since childhood...celebrated birthdays & many occasions the tomato soups to begin with...their starters/chats are exceptionally great...There is not just 1 thing I can pick...der rumali rotis to their desserts everything is yum...their dosas & kurma is also worth the mention...
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Riya Pendase - Burrp User

Riya Pendase

October 08,2013

Status is good!

It's a typical restaurant that serves almost all types of food: north Indian, south Indian, continental...... I found the thali and the appetizers to be really good. They have these mini versions of everything and the mini pav bhaji was decently tasty. If the place was near to my office or house I would have gone there a lot. Status is good!
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Vipul  - Burrp User


October 08,2013

Pretty Decent . Great Corn bhel

Status in Nariman Point has been a Nariman Point institution. Reshmi Paratha and Sabji in afternoon's sells like hot cakes. The Dosas are pretty good too. The turnaround time - which really matters in a business district like Nariman point is extremely good. They have an amazing Corn Bhel which very few people are aware about The Biryani is a joke . Never ever try that. The Gujarati Thali is really good as well. Drop in on one of the evenings for Corn Bhel and Mysore Masala Dosa :)
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nikunj desai - Burrp User

nikunj desai

September 26,2013

Awesome food

This is one of mine & my fav restaurant. you will get variety of food & Gujju food is must try. My uncle visited India some years back & being a restaurateur he wanted to try few restaurants around city. Status topped the list for him. He just loved the food, ambiance, service & the offering on the table, specially Chundo. Its so mouthwatering.The thali served is delectable again & worth trying.I can go here any point of time. Love this place.
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Shruti Ambavat - Burrp User

Shruti Ambavat

September 24,2013

Perfect place for a family eatout

I must have gone to Status several times what with my office in that area. I must say the food is simply excellent. One must visit this place to taste the exquisite variety and mouthwatering dishes. I simply loved every dish that I have ordered. This is one noisy loud place to simply enjoy your food. Though I do feel they should increase their variety in the sweet dishes section. One will come out with a lighter pocket but hearty feeling of fullness.
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Prakhar  - Burrp User


August 01,2013

Not as good as described by my gujarati friends..

you cant afford to miss this place if you have a few gujrati friends who stay in town. thay will make sure to organise a lunch meeting or a get-together at this place. The place gets crowded during lunchtime, no matter if its a weekday or a weekend. make sure you have some buffer time. my visit here has been with fellow gujarati and marwari friends who swear by the food. the food is nice, chaats are good, but suited towards gujarati palette (on the sweeter side) gravies are standard, and vegetable curries are a little oily. but the most horrible thing is garlic naan.. i ordered a garlic naan and was given with a huge naan with enormous amounts of garlic, i scrapped most of it and then also my whole body was smelling like garlic even after hours.. could have killed a few vampires.. :P
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Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 09,2012

Amazing Gujarati Thali

Everyone who has worked in Nariman Point must have surely visited this place.

They have two sections, for a quick bite in the morning or in the evenings you have east at their outdoor section and a plush indoor restaurant for Lunch/dinner.

Good variety of options are available at the outdoor section, the Rava Idli here is my favorite. The Pav bhaji and dosa are also worth a try. The pricing of this section is also very good and the service is also quick. You first pay and then wait for your order, like a fast food joint :)

The restaurant is Plush, but there is a wait time as with many other good places in Mumbai. The Gujarati Thali is excellent here, the service was very good and the taste of the dishes is also delicious. It's a must try. I especially loved the Theplas, they were very well made.

It's a must visit for anyone who works in Nariman Point and wants to have some good food at decent prices in this posh South Bombay locality!
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worldbest - Burrp User


June 11,2012

Good & Noisy

One of the better options for Gujarati Food in Mumbai. Location is excellent near Nariman Point & going on Rainy day from Marin Drive to Nariman point itself was a treat. Ambiance is very spacious with comfortable seating. Being Sunday there was no advance reservation but after 15 -20 minutes of waiting we got in. It was packed house show with Cheerful Gujarati Families chatting as loud as possible. We were eight & did not want to waste more time in selecting items from menu we order 6 thalis & 2-3 more dishes. Items served in tails were vast in numbers,.hot & Fresh. Four vegetables were ok not great, but nice part was they were with less oil & masalas. Palak samosa were soft & testy. Sandwich dhokla were puffy & perfect. Gulab Jamun was as delicious as they are served in Delhi. Aam Ras was with synthetic test. Dal , Kadhi, Pulka rotis etc were just perfect so as Khichadi & rice. Overall it was good package but being Sunday be sure that quality of food served anywhere in Mumbai gets little mediocre due to huge turnout of people. Once in a while it is good fun to have such food with atmosphere of Guajarati wedding party (If you can bear the noise made by them as if they were on dining table of their home)
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